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RPM training

RPM Training Session4 - Skipping Rope - Blue

RPM Training Session4 - Skipping Rope - Blue

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We ship only in Canada. Discover the best skipping rope for your intense workouts with the Session 4. This speed rope is specially designed to meet the needs of athletes who are passionate about fitness and crossfit. It is especially effective for mastering double and triple jumps and supporting you in the most demanding workouts.

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This is the perfect training accessory to improve your coordination, endurance and speed.

Whether you are advanced or new to your workouts, Session 4 will help you further master rope jumps and take your performance to the next level.

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Technical sheet

No tangles

Ball bearing mechanisms built into the handles provide smoother rotation and minimize the risk of tangles so you can focus on your workout.


Wear resistant high quality steel cable


Customize your cable length to your size or preference for a rope that's right for you.


The Session 4's grips are made of aluminum, which gives it an unrivaled light weight.