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RPM training

RPM replacement rope - Skipping rope

RPM replacement rope - Skipping rope

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Our Most Versatile and Best-Selling Jump Rope - This is the standard cable included with all Session ropes.

Increased Durability for Long-Lasting Use - While a coated cable will undoubtedly last longer on abrasive surfaces like concrete, its lifespan on such surfaces will range from a few workouts to a few months, depending on frequency of use, jumping technique, and surface roughness.

Optimize Your Training - We recommend jumping on a rubber mat or rubber flooring whenever possible.


  • Most Durable Option - Built to last, this jump rope withstands the test of time, even with frequent use.
  • Suitable for Various Surfaces - Jump freely indoors or outdoors, on carpets, concrete, wooden floors, etc. (adapt the list of surfaces according to your product).
  • Less Frequent Replacements - Thanks to its robust design, you enjoy extended use without having to change the cable frequently.
  • Suited for All Levels - From beginners to experienced athletes, this jump rope is suitable for all skill levels.
  • Compatible with Session, Sprint, and Comp Handles - Customize your workout by choosing the handle that matches your goals
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Technical sheet

No tangles

Ball bearing mechanisms built into the handles provide smoother rotation and minimize the risk of tangles so you can focus on your workout.


Wear resistant high quality steel cable


Customize your cable length to your size or preference for a rope that's right for you.


The Session 4's grips are made of aluminum, which gives it an unrivaled light weight.