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RPM Session4: The key to double unders at the CrossFit Games Open 2024

The CrossFit Games Open 2024 are fast approaching, and athletes from all over the world are preparing to take on the most formidable challenges in the CrossFit universe. This year, a secret weapon is revealed: the RPM Session4 Jump Rope, featuring a revolutionary ball mechanism that promises to make double undershoots a whole lot easier. Let's find out how this equipment could make the difference and propel athletes to victory.


The CrossFit Games Open: a major challenge

The CrossFit Games Open are the ultimate competition for CrossFit enthusiasts, testing athletes' strength, endurance, speed, coordination and mentality. The double unders, in which the rope is passed under the feet twice on each jump, is one of the most challenging events, requiring perfect technique and total mastery of the skipping rope.


RPM Session4: the double unders revolution

The RPM Session4 has caught the attention of top athletes thanks to its innovative ball mechanism. Designed by athletes, for athletes, this skipping rope offers unrivalled fluidity and rotation. The secret lies in its precision ball system, which reduces friction and enables faster, smoother rotations. This translates into greater ease during double undershoots, essential in many CrossFit Games Open events.

Advantages of the RPM Session4

  • Speed and control: the ball mechanism offers unrivalled rotation speed, enabling athletes to achieve optimum performance in terms of double underspinning. Increased control ensures maximum precision, avoiding costly errors during competition.
  • Durability and lightness: Made from high-quality materials, the RPM Session4 is both lightweight and durable. It stands up to intensive training and tough conditions, making it the ideal choice for athletes aiming for excellence at the CrossFit Games Open.
  • Adjustable and customizable: The RPM Session4 offers maximum customization, with handles that can be adjusted to suit each athlete's preferences. A skipping rope perfectly adapted to the athlete's size and style improves not only performance but also comfort.

How to Win the Game

  • Targeted training: Incorporate RPM Session4 into your training routine to perfect your double underspin technique. Practice regularly to develop the coordination and speed needed to excel in this discipline.
  • Technical analysis: Use the video to analyze your technique. RPM Session4 will help you quickly identify areas for improvement, enabling you to perfect your movement and optimize your performance.
  • Competition simulations: Incorporate competition simulations into your preparation, reproducing CrossFit Games Open conditions. This will help you manage stress and adapt to the competition environment.

The CrossFit Games Open 2024 are shaping up to be an epic battle, and the Session4 RPM Jump Rope could be the decisive asset for ambitious athletes. With its revolutionary ball mechanism, it offers the key to dominating double unders and standing out on the global CrossFit scene. By incorporating this innovative equipment into your preparation, you could well make the difference and reach new heights in your CrossFit journey.


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